Femmes Bouaké

This history is a part of the book , Jereviens.

A contrary trip on the route of the migrants, made between 2012 and 2013 through Lampedusa, Libya, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali, collecting stories of cross people along the way.

In Bouake I was a guest of a community that carries out educational programs, education and organization of work placements aimed at young girls from neighborhoods and the outskirts of the city, whose childhood is or has been interrupted in some way.In Ivory Coast the recent past has been marked by a post-election political crisis occurred in 2011 and ended with a civil war that lasted several months. The votes that should have designated the new president saw complaints of electoral fraud by both major political factions. France (with free UN on) had taken the responsibility to ensure transparency in the elections, and the final verdict was that the victory was to be entrusted to the new incoming president, liberal, to the detriment of the old head of state, conservative . Since 2002, the Côte d'Ivoire does not find peace, ruined first by a long war and then from a situation of social instability that seems to never end and that still is felt heavily in a country divided in two. In these years of violence and conflict, the woman was often the victim of a town blinded by hatred. Many girls were merged to rebel groups, some to fight, others to deal with various tasks but all to be exploited. Young women have lost their freedom, have become slaves, objects. In Bouake he saw a big scandal involving the UN delegation: those who had to guarantee security to the country were involved in a prostitution ring with young local women. Girls of Bouake it is seen abandoned by their countrymen and betrayed by the "liberators" of the 'UN. The war in Ivory Coast is long gone, but the exploitation of women continues. In their home districts of these girls life is still, people spend entire days in the shade of the canopy of the house to scrutinize the way. I encourage fathers young daughters into prostitution. Polygamy makes man free to have more women as well as children that often does not mind if not in the interest of making them become a source of income. The boys live sexuality in a free, giving rise to very young families who see their fathers disappear with ease and leave infants in the hands of children unable to care for girls, unable to do so. Some woman previously unable to have an abortion, those who decide to abandon the child, those who tenaciously cares. To suffer to a greater extent this social condition is, once again, the woman. Not entitled to anything, responsible for raising children, to procure money and withstand constant abuse and coercion.